Adjunct position at CUA, Fall 2022

09 May 2022 10:23 AM | Joshua Samuels

The Anthropology Department at the Catholic University of America is hiring an adjunct professor to teach an introductory course on anthropological perspectives on race and ethnicity this Fall (8/29-12/16, 2022).

The course is described in the catalog as covering "anthropological theories of race and ethnicity, starting with approaches developed in the late 19th century and tracing them through to the present-day. It approaches race and ethnicity as culturally-constructed phenomena that articulate with historical, political, and economic forces at local, national, and international scales. In addition to examining race and ethnicity in the United States, the course emphasizes scholars and case studies from around the world to broaden students' understanding of and assumptions about this complex domain of social life. The course strives to teach students practical skills to help build dialogue and community." However, the content and structure of the course may be modified to suit the applicant's specific interests and expertise.

CUA courses are currently fully in-person. The class is currently scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:40-4:55 pm.


Required: MA in Anthropology or a related field.

Preferred: Ph.D. in Anthropology (or ABD)

If interested, please send a CV and a 15-week schedule of course topics to Joshua Samuels at samuels@cua.edu. Thank you!

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