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Guidelines for Praxis Award Nominations

(This page will be updated prior to the 2019 award cycle. The instructions below are for the 2017 award cycle.)

Applicants are strongly advised to first read the general information page about the award, and then thoroughly review the entire list of entry procedures below. The questions and criteria provided should serve to orient you as to what constitutes a strong application. Beginning in 2017, WAPA will implement a two-stage application process.


Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a 2-pp pre-entry form by May 1, 2017. The pre-entry form will serve to determine if your project or effort is a good fit for the Praxis Award.

Pre-Entry Form Submission Procedure

Download 2017 Pre-Entry Form (MS Word PC format)

The pre-entry form should be completed and submitted in PDF or MS Word format before the May 1 deadline. Forms should be emailed to the Praxis Award chair at terrymredding (at) gmail.com. All submissions will be acknowledged within 24 hrs. Applicants will be advised within three weeks as to whether they should go on to complete a full application.


Should entrants receive a positive response to their pre-entry forms from the Praxis Committee, they will be invited to complete a full nomination packet. If entrants did not complete a pre-entry form, they may still complete the full application. However, entrants who submit a pre-entry form will enjoy something of an advantage. The deadline for full applications is July 1, 2017.

Nomination Packet

Each full entry should contain the following:

1. A 2-pp cover page (download template below) with the following information:
  • name(s) of project anthropologist(s)
  • project client(s)
  • project title
  • project abstract (100 words maximum)
  • date of submission
  • biographical sketch(es)
2. A descriptive essay (maximum five to ten single-spaced, numbered pages, 12-point font, 1" margins) that:
  • Identifies the client(s) and the problem being addressed, and explains how one or more anthropologists became involved in the project
  • Describes the project's objective(s) and design, with attention to the role of anthropologist(s) and the use of anthropological concepts in developing the approach to the problem
  • Presents an overview of how the project was implemented, including the phases and processes entailed, unanticipated difficulties encountered and resolved, and ways in which anthropological methods and data were applied in carrying it out
  • Delineates the project's major results and the degree to which it succeeded in achieving its objective(s), and explains the relative importance of anthropology in the attainment of project outcomes (i.e., articulates the "anthropological difference")
  • Note: References should be kept to a minimum, and do not count toward the 10-page total
3. Supporting documents: entries will be strengthened by supporting letters, public testimonials and media releases from project clients and beneficiaries (limit three for each of these). Up to three, low-resolution photos may be included at the end of the text, but these must be necessary to enhance the application.

Ideally, the final, combined document should be less than 3-4 Mb in size. Thus graphics should be minimal and low resolution.

Full Application Submission Procedure

Download 2017 Praxis cover page template  (MS Word PC format)

Full nomination packets (items 1, 2 and 3 above) should be completed and submitted in either PDF or MS Word format, ideally with all materials integrated into a single document, via electronic mail to terrymredding (at) gmail.com. Supporting documents should be scanned and included electronically with the submission packet. 

Recipient Notification

Award winners will be notified in sufficient time to plan travel to the award ceremony to be scheduled at the November-December 2017 AAA meetings in Washington, DC.


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