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Educational Opportunities

Voices of Virginia applies methods and theories for both cultural and applied anthropology, including field research and data analysis. The project can enhance an anthropology and social science curriculum with real-time, hands-on research experience benefiting both professors and students.  We welcome institutions to collaborate with us in conducting and designing fieldwork that relate to our project regions and themes.

Research Opportunities

Voices of Virginia examines the potential of civic participation and communication on improving community cohesion, development, public policy, and advocacy.  The project presents an opportunity for institutions and organizations to better understand how participatory democracy works to create more inclusive, responsive, and effective community decision making, engagement, and management.  Project research may also lead to developing new social programs and greater inclusion for all segments of targeted communities.

Volunteer Experience

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with fieldwork and data collection.  We welcome social scientists of all backgrounds and experience levels to contribute their unique talents to this project.  This is an excellent opportunity for anthropology students to practice conducting fieldwork and gain experience leading to a program of graduate study or future employment.

For more information, please write to voicesofvirginiaproject@gmail.com.

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