Past Presidents


2019-2021 Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts

2017-2019 Erik Kjeldgaard

2016-2017 Frances Norwood

2015-2016 Ted Green
2014-2015 Eleanor King
2013-2014 Adam Koons
2012-2013 Sue Taylor

2011-2012 Jim Stansbury
2010-2011 Ruth Sando


2009-2010 Stan Yoder
2008-2009 Shirley Buzzard
2007-2008 Ron Nunn
2006-2007 Charity Goodman
2005-2006 John Mullen
2004-2005 Judith Freidenberg
2003-2004 Robert Winthrop
2002-2003 Katy Moran*
2001-2002 Terry Redding
2000-2001 Ruth Cernea*


1999-2000 Will Sibley*
1998-1999 Toni Brown
1997-1998 Bill Roberts
1996-1997 Lois Keck*
1995-1996 Irene Zimmermann de la Torre
1994-1995 Holly Reckord
1994-1994 Adam Koons (half year)
1993-1994 David Rymph
1992-1993 Mari Clarke
1991-1992 Muriel (Miki) Crespi*
1990-1991 Bill Millsap


1989-1990 Laurie Krieger
1988-1989 Mitchell Ratner
1987-1988 Ruth Landman*
1986-1987 John Mason
1985-1986 Shirley Fiske
1984-1985 Charlie Cheney*
1983-1984 Linda Bennett
1982-1983 Kirk Gray
1981-1982 Beatrice Hackett*
1980-1981 Robert Wulff



1979-1980 Carol Anglin
1978-1979 Anthony DiBella
1977-1978 Gretchen Schafft
1976-1977 Conrad Reining*



WAPA has served the professional needs of applied anthropologists for over 30 years.  Here are some of the past presidents who are responsible for this successful history. 

WAPA's 25th Anniversary Celebration, 2001

Back row, left to right:  Bill Millsap, Charlie Cheney, Terry Redding, Will Sibley, Irene Zimmerman de la Torre, Shirley Fiske, Bob Wulff

Front row, left to right:  Miki Crespi, Holly Reckord, Gretchen Schafft, Ruth Cernea, Laurie Krieger, Mari Clark, John Mason, Lois Keck 

WAPA's 20th Anniversary Celebration, 1996

Standing, left to right:  Gretchen Schafft, Tony DiBella, Carol Anglin, Bob Wulff, Bea Hackett, Charlie Cheney, Ruth Landman, John Mason

Front row, left to right:  Mitch Ratner, Bill Millsap, David Rymph, Holly Reckord, Irene Zimmerman de la Torre

WAPA's 15th Anniversary Celebration, 1991

Standing, left to right:  Mitch Ratner, Bob Wulff, Charlie Cheney, Gretchen Schafft, John Mason, Miki Crespi.

Sitting, left to right:  Shirley Fiske, Ruth Landman

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