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The Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists (WAPA) is the oldest and largest regional association of professional anthropologists in the world today. Founded in 1976, WAPA serves as a resource, and a social and career development center for anthropologists seeking to apply their knowledge and skills to practical problems for the betterment of society.

WAPA's members are employed by government and business, as well as by a broad array of domestic and international nonprofit institutions and associations. Members also teach in colleges and universities that prepare the next generation of applied anthropologists.

Monthly meetings and social events provide a forum for the exchange of experience and ideas about applying anthropological knowledge and enable students to meet with experienced practitioners for guidance and inspiration. WAPA makes available information on jobs through networking, e-mail and through its website. WAPA's biannual Praxis Award recognizes outstanding contributions by anthropologists to projects in any realm of applied anthropology.

Membership is open to all anthropologists and other interested persons, whether resident in the Nation's capital, or throughout the world. Approximately one-fifth of the membership lives outside the Washington metropolitan area, and many maintain their connection while on assignment overseas.

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