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WAPA's Mentoring Program is a benefit of membership. If you are a member of WAPA, please log in and visit Join the Mentoring Program to learn more about becoming a mentor or mentee.  If you are not currently a WAPA member, you can join now and become eligible to participate immediately.  For more information, please contact the Mentoring Program Chair, Beth Pruitt.

What is the WAPA Mentoring Program? 

The WAPA Mentoring Program is designed for those who need career advice, who may be baffled by the complicated Washington DC job market, or who just need to discuss the opportunities provided by a career path in professional anthropology.

WAPA has a number of professional and practicing anthropologists who want to share their experience with those encountering the Washington job market, whether for the first time or the tenth time. These anthropologists have acquired knowledge and insights about a range of topics that may not be addressed in anthropological coursework:

  • What kinds of jobs are there for people with anthropology backgrounds?
  • How do I find these jobs?
  • How should I present myself in the job market?
  • How have others made the transition into the job market?
  • How do I get a potential employer to talk to me?
  • What can a resume do for me?
  • What does a non-academic resume look like?
  • What should I find out in the job interview?
  • How do I set up and use informational interviews?
  • How do I decide how much I should get paid?
  • How do I negotiate salary? Benefits?

A WAPA mentor can help you:

  • clarify your thinking about what you would like to do;
  • define concrete steps along which to proceed;
  • identify contacts; and
  • answer any other questions you may have about anthropology as a profession.

Who uses the WAPA Mentoring Program?

  • Undergraduate anthropology majors making decisions about graduate school or jobs that provoke questions such as, "Anthropology? What will you do with that?"
  • Graduate students trying to define professional interests and skill sets, or just find a job
  • Anthropologists who would like to change career directions but are not quite sure how to proceed
  • Anyone who feels he or she would benefit from guidance from a professional anthropologist
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