Breaking down "silos" in anthropology

03 Jun 2020 9:24 PM | WAPA Communications (Administrator)

How do you feel about silos that exist in our discipline? You are invited to review audio-visual presentations on the NAPA website from a 2019 AAA Presidential Session, and add your thoughts to the discussion forum on how to break down silos in anthropology: 


Highlights include addressing the separation of theory from practice in anthropology, and creating new collaboration models to bridge silos between academics and practitioners. There are also video remarks by Gillian Tett (Financial Times), who served as the remote discussant. 

In reviewing the presentations, ponder these questions: 

• What is anthropology's collective future? 

• How will we adopt, adapt, and create new models to develop as a collaborative discipline, using both theory and practice and reaching out to “The Other”? 

• How do we scale up collaboration within the discipline to be more engaged with each other and the world around us? 

This is a starting point. Add your reflections, thoughts, and ideas in the discussion area, and let’s see what we can break down and rebuild.

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