The 23rd Annual Heritage Day Event at the Sugarland Ethno History Project & Museum (SEHP)

  • 25 Jun 2022
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • 14730 Sugarland Road, Poolesville, MD 20893; Old St. Paul’s church


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The SEHP invites WAPA to tour the Basil & Nancy Dorsey Archaeological Site, as well as the Sugarland Ethno History Project & Museum. Archaeologists will be giving talks on the Dorsey House artifacts on display in the church yard. Tours will also be given of the Church. The Sugarland Book entitled, I Have Started For Canaan, The Story Of The African American Town Of Sugarland by the SEHP 2020 will be on sale, as well as the new Basil & Nancy Dorsey Archaeology K12 Curriculum Module.

When?  Heritage Day is on June 25, 2022.

Where? St. Paul’s Church, 14730 Sugarland Road, Poolesville, Md.

It is at the confluence of Sugarland Lane and Sugarland Road.

Refreshments will be available.

The Sugarland Ethno History Museum President, Suzanne Johnson and Historian, Jeff Sypeck will also be at the event and available for questions. Participants are welcome to come early to see the museum during the Heritage days event. Suzanne Johnson will be giving tours and Historian Jeff Sypeck will be at the book table.


Archaeologist, Tara L. Tetrault, MAA, MA,

Field Archaeologist, Karen Lopez,

Zoo-archaeologist, Abigail Kennedy.


Date: June 25, 2022

Location:  Sugarland Ethno History Project Museum

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


About the talk:

Beliefs, Protection, & Personal Items: The Archaeology of the Basil & Nancy Dorsey Site, an African American Farm in Sugarland, MD.

This presentation focuses on the history and archaeological findings of the Nancy Dorsey house. Built in 1874, this was the first house the Dorsey’s owned and one they shared with another family. Measuring only 10 x 14 feet in size it meant each room served many purposes. The artifacts uncovered showed evidence of childhood, as well as women’s work and farming, but also of beliefs.

About the speakers:

Tara L. Tetrault, MAA, MA

Tara Tetrault completed her research and fieldwork surveying pottery villages in rural Ghana and early African American communities dating as early as 1814. Tetrault is interested in understanding more about women. As early landowners, many held roles we rarely discuss. She is also interested in how the communities thrived throughout the county. She is the recent of the 2019 Excellence in Equity Award for Montgomery College has won a total of 122,390 dollars in Federal and Local grants. She is very interested in raising awareness through education and has done training k12 teachers in archaeology and more recently by developing the Dorsey Site archaeology curriculum module.


Karen Lopez, SUNY Binghamton, and a new Graduate Student GWU Master’s Program 2022-

Karen Lopez is fluent in Spanish and completed her field school in Peru and Maryland. She worked last year with us excavating the Dorsey House and helping o complete the Surface Survey of the Yard. Karen has been involved in some of the material culture research and will be giving tours of the Site and answering questions.


Abigail Kennedy, UMBC for undergraduate, and a new Graduate Student at University of York, England where she will earn her degree Master of Science in Bio-archaeology.

Abigail is trained in collections management and zooarchaeology. Abigail has written zoo-archaeology papers on Patuxent Point and Roberts Site. She will be working on analyzing some of the faunal remains from the Dorsey Site this summer.

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