New publication, "Applying Anthropology in the Global Community," contains contributions from WAPA members Mari Clarke. Mary Odell Butler and Shirley Fiske

01 Feb 2012 11:00 PM | Ruth Sando
Left Coast Press has notified WAPA that its new publication, "Applying Anthropology in the Global Community," has just been published.  It contains chapters by several of our members and one, Mary Odell Butler is also one of the editors.
If you are trying to keep up with the growing literature about applied anthropology, this book offers a range of experience-based information.  To provide an idea of the contents, here are the chapters:

Christina Wasson, Mary Odell Butler, Jacqueline Copeland-Carson

1 Global Localities and the Management of Infectious Disease
Mary Odell Butler

2 Engendering Transport: Mapping Women and Men on the Move
Mari Clarke

3 Housing Interests: Developing Community in a Globalizing City
Jacqueline Copeland-Carson

4 Policy, Applied Feminist Anthropological Practice, and the Traffic in Women
Susan Dewey

5 Global Climate Change from the Bottom Up
Shirley J. Fiske

6 International Migration and Aging
Madelyn Iris

7 Defining Family: Practice and Policy in Child Welfare
Susan Racine Passmore

8 Internationalism and Systems Thinking in Community and Public Health
Eve C. Pinsker

9 Localizing the Global in Technology Design
Susan Squires and Christina Wasson

Conclusion: Toward a Practice-based Ethnography in the Global Village
Jean J. Schensul and Mary Odell Butler

The book is available in both hardback and paperback, and can be purchased through the publisher's website: http://www.lcoastpress.com/book.php?id=372

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