SFAA Panel on the U.S. Federal Government as a Career Path for Anthropologists

20 Mar 2022 5:02 PM | Erik Kjeldgaard

WAPA members Adam Koons (FEMA), Matt Stoffer, and Erik Kjeldgaard (GAO), along with John Villecco (GAO/University of Illinois, Chicago), Garry Cantley (BIA) and Eirik Thorsgaard (BIA), will be part of a NAPA-sponsored virtual panel discussion on "The U.S. Federal Government as a Career Path for Anthropologists," at the Society for Applied Anthropology meetings on Friday, March 25 from 9:00-10:45 AM mountain time.

The group will discuss the opportunities and challenges in pursuing a career as a practicing anthropologist in the U.S. federal government. They will discuss  challenges with the transition to government, ways they have made contributions and influenced policy, challenges they have faced and solutions they have identified, among other things.

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