Climate Change Resilience: Governance and Reforms

20 May 2014 8:40 AM | Keely Maxwell
The Resilience Summit will address:

Issues of governance--how collective decisions are made, interpreted, implemented, and challenged--will shape resilience to climate change. Governance in the context of addressing climate change raises important questions:

  • In what arenas are resilience choices made?

  • Who decides what resilience actions are taken?

  • How are conflicts resolved?

  • What creative steps are communities taking and what barriers are they encountering?

  • ...and so on...

Register! (It’s free)  

  • Go to www.resiliencesummit.org for registration and program details.  If you have had a change of plans and won’t be attending please let us know by e-mailing us at resiliencesummit@gmail.com. We wish to minimize food waste.

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    After you register, tell us who you are by completing this form (if you’d like).  We will use this information to prepare a list of attendees to facilitate connections at the summit and afterwards.

Share your ideas and participate!

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    Check out the suggested reading.  There are links at www.resiliencesummit.org.

  • Bring ideas and questions

    regarding governance and climate change resilience.  We will help coordinate discussion groups during lunch.

  • ​​
    Prepare to share a simple story.  Consider a story you can share about a time you tried to solve a problem requiring collective action, from organizing a family dinner to passing legislation.  Whose help did you need?  What problems did you encounter and what constrained you?  Have you ever changed something so others could work together to solve problems more easily?  (Extra credit for examples related to summit themes of governance and resilience!)

  • ​​
    Consider how we can sustain the summit’s momentum. Please think about what the best summit outcomes would be. What kinds of documents and products would you like to see emerge from the discussions? A list of possible policy reforms? Another summit? A publication? Or…?

If you have any questions about the summit, please let us know.  Please be sure to bring your own water bottle and cup for drinks at the summit

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